Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome to 2015!

New post on books coming up shortly, but in the meantime, yes - 

Happy New Year! 

We were in Brussels over Christmas with family. On Saturday 27th, it snowed heavily all day. Sunday was bright, cold and clear - perfect for sledging and snowballs. So we went to a park called La Hulpe, just outside Brussels, and it was lovely. The next day, the snow was gone.

Chateau La Hulpe

And now, the decorations are down and spring is on its way. All right - it's quite a long way off yet, but the signs are there! 

Iris Stylosa in the garden. There is one crocus, but I have to admit it's a bit bedraggled for meeting the public!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and that 2015 will be all that you hope for! Or, well, as much of it as possible, anyway...