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This is me. As you may be able to guess, I like stripes and my favourite colour is blue. My first book for children, Spook School, was published in 2003 and, amazingly, it's still in print. For details of some of the others I've written, please see the books page. At the moment, I'm working on a short novel about a French girl and an English airman, who meet when his plane is shot down near her home - and a very slightly longer biography for children of a certain William Shakespeare.

I used to teach: first English, then children who were out of school for medical reasons, then young offenders. And in fact I still teach - only now it's creative writing classes in Cheddar. (Please get in touch if you're interested - we could do with one or two more!)

I live in Somerset, on the south-facing slopes of the Mendips, where they used to grow so many strawberries that in June they used to scent the air. They still do grow some, and they are DELICIOUS - but not so many since Doctor Beeching took an axe to the British railway system: one victim was the Strawberry Line, which used to speed the strawberries to Bristol to be sold at market.

Boxes of Cheddar strawberries at the station in the old days.

What else? I belong to the Scattered Authors' Society and to a choir in Cheddar, Moor Singers, which is run by the inspirational Issy Emeney. (More members welcome there too!) I like gardening, though this has become a bit tricky since the arrival of our border collie pup, Nessie, who for some reason disapproves strongly of horticulture, and leaps into action the instant she spots me pulling out a weed or pruning a bush. We've had words, but so far she seems quite unable to see my point of view. Still, she is very lovely!

Nessie last September with her brothers and sisters. She's third from the right.

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