Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Capital, by John Lanchester

This book is being serialised on the BBC, and it starts tonight. I reviewed it here a few months ago - I really enjoyed it. It tells you a lot about the vagaries of high finance, as you'd expect with Lanchester being a financial journalist - but over and above that, I found it an absorbing tale of the people living in a London street, and how that street had changed.


  1. That Toby Jones always does a good turn.

  2. Thanks, Sue. Hadn't noticed this was on - and Toby Jones is always worth watching.

  3. Yes - although he's a slightly puzzling choice for this part. In the book, Yount is tall and handsome - the kind of man who gets by to a large extent on charm and good looks, and is then completely thrown when things go wrong and they're not enough any more. I like Quentina.

  4. Toby Jones is a fine actor but no way is he Yount! He's a sort of Dorian Gray version of Yount maybe.

    1. Agreed. He was great in 'Marvellous', but he's a very odd choice for this part.