Sunday, 24 April 2016

Earlier - on a hill near me.

It's clouded over now, and there's a chill in the air - but this morning it was glorious up on the hill. Here are some pictures.

This is Nessie, at the beginning of the walk...

Here are some bluebells in the first bit of woodland we get to. These aren't really bluebell woods; you don't get that intense haze of blue that you see in some woods, so when you do see a patch, it's a very special treat.

When you come out of the woods, you're out in the open, at the top of the hill - this is the best bit, I think, with marvellous views across the reservoir towards the Quantocks. But I took this one further down the hill.

This is the first orchid I've seen this spring.

And here are some cowslips - these have really spread over the last few years.

Really, a very fine walk indeed.


  1. Fab photos Sue. Having been out of the country for nearly 8 months, we were stunned by the beauty of the English countryside in Spring. Annoyingly though, as you suggest, a camera does not capture the images seen by our eyes

    1. No - close ups are all right, but views just seem to get lost in a haze.

  2. What a fantastic place to walk! And Nessie's looking very well-behaved.